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21 April 2008

Week 16: just stuff

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Another mixed bag of images this week from my daily goings on.

My daughter takes tennis lessons at a nearby club. The owner has a very big and very friendly dog:

The alternates

Alternate 1
On Sunday afternoon, we took our (by now) usual bicycle ride along the beach. My wife stopped to buy some DVDs from the ubiquitous African vendors:

Alternate 2
We chatted with the guys, and they wanted their picture taken. These are the human faces behind the frequent news stories about another rickety boat full of African migrant having washed up on the Canary Islands. Many people die on these journeys, but life in those places is so miserable that many continue to take their chances. Once on Spanish soil, they are given medical attention and allowed to proceed to the mainland. Their first step on the social ladder is usually to start selling DVDs, cheap sunglasses and the like in touristy places like Alicante. They are basically good people trying hard to feed a family back in Africa, and the Spanish generally are welcoming towards them, perhaps because not so long ago, Spain was a country of emigration:

Alternate 3
On the way home, I liked the light and shadow on this beach restaurant:

Alternate 4
On Tuesday afternoon, I took my daughter to the airport for a school trip. They were flying to Newcastle to spend 4 days touring Roman ruins, especially Hadrian’s Wall. A big occasion in the life of a 13-year old. Here she is, having just been given some briefing materials by one of the teachers, and anxiously waiting for Dad to go away so as not to embarrass her further:

Alternate 5
On my way home from the airport, I stopped at O’Hara’s pub to have a Guinness and enjoy a spot of girl watching on the Esplanade:

Alternate 6
Then this very fancy girl came along, with photographer in tow. I never found out what it was all about:

Alternate 7
Still later that evening, in a bar with my wife and son (who was visiting from England). This couple was having an intense conversation:

Alternate 8
A moment later, whatever argument they were having has clearly been settled:

Alternate 9
On Thursday the wind was really blowing. In the background, about 30 km away, is Benidorm, with Spain’s tallest building:

Alternate 10
Finally, on Friday the wind cleared, and the place looked peaceful again:


  1. Thanks, Nathan, there are many nice shots there. It makes me think of sun and relaxed living, particularly the last shot 🙂


    Comment by Chris Barker — 21 April 2008 @ 06:53

  2. Alt-9 has a wonderful range of colours from bottom to top.
    More girls… (please!)

    Comment by Jez — 21 April 2008 @ 08:52

  3. Hi Nathan,

    Another great set of photos. I can completely understand you daughter being embarressed at your pesence, she is already 13 after all 😉 (Mine is 17 by now and still more than a handfull). I especially liked the view on the Esplenade and the couple in the bar.

    Comment by Wiliam Wagenaar — 22 April 2008 @ 11:25

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