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14 May 2007

Week 19: birds, bottles, Utrecht

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This week, I have a somewhat disjointed collection of images from around here. Hopefully, there is something for everyone.

While walking the dog on Saturday, I noticed this swan with babies. They were apparently not proficient swimmers yet, so they stayed on top of their mother:

The alternates

Alternate 1
The next day, the little swans were more daring:

Alternate 2
Here is the whole little family:

Alternate 3
Earlier in the week I was in Utrecht and photographed this statue in front of the Central Station. First from the front:

Alternate 4
And then through the rear:

Alternate 5
Finally, a “found” image from my garden, the morning after a nice impromptu BBQ. We may be drunks, but at least we drink good stuff…

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