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19 July 2009

Week 27: Summer and back to Warsaw

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This week I had to go back to Warsaw, but on business and just for one night. Otherwise, it was a pleasant week spent in Alicante, working but also enjoying life.

On Sunday some good English friends from Switzerland, who have a vacation home about 60 km from here, came to visit:

The alternates

Alternate 1
In the afternoon, I had to take my daughter to a friend’s house in Villajoyosa. The town is famous here in Spain for being the headquarters of the Valor chocolate company. The old part of town is built around a dry river bed, with some pretty coloured houses in what looks like a rather precarious location:

The next four images are just from the streets around my home, usually taken while walking my dog. I always have a camera with me.

Alternate 2
I noticed this father, trying to coax his little daughter into eating. She was more interested in crawling up on a stage that was being set up for some event:

Alternate 3
After a brief negotiation, a compromise was reached, satisfactory to both sides:

Alternate 4
Girls with big puppy:

Alternate 5
Our local tapas restaurant. It is so convenient to have this place 10 minutes walk from the house. A typical Friday night exchange between me and my wife might be something along the lines of “I don’t feel like cooking, let’s go to Lizarran — with the answer: OK!”:

The last four are from my one-night trip to Warsaw. I have put up a separate gallery here, but these are some people pictures which I felt would fit better in my weekly stream.

Alternate 6
In the Łazienki park, a couple of bar employees have a bit of a problem with a large umbrella:

Alternate 7
Poland has a rich tradition of poster art. Here is a recent anti-smoking poster. In Polish, when you want to express that something is really bad, you use a slang expression, “this is for the arse”. So the slogan on this poster is “Cigarettes are for the arse”:

Alternate 8
Is he a Facebook addict, or a poet suddenly struck by inspiration, or…? I will never know:

Alternate 9
According to my viewers, a proper PAW must contain pretty girls, so I finish with these two Warsaw señoritas:


  1. It’s not that they _must_ contain pretty girls, it’s just that you have established a tradition, and we all know the importance of trandition.

    Comment by Bob Whitmire — 19 July 2009 @ 15:49

  2. Hy Natek,By a stroke of genius(my own)I make aqaintance with your site&Ilove what you say &how you say it &in an unaccountable way makes me think of Woody Allen.Now Ican figure-out a littlwhich button to press on my computor Ishall look in again.Love to all the Familly ellen-francine.

    Comment by ellen francine weismann — 21 October 2010 @ 12:09

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