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23 March 2008

Week 12: Just life

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This week I offer a variety of pictures, just from our life here in Alicante. The main event for this week was Semana Santa, but for that I have set up a separate gallery on my other site, Here is some of the other stuff I saw this week.

Another scene from our beach. Both the Dalmatian and its owners were friendly:

The alternates

Alternate 1
When I walk my dog, we get barked at by all the dogs in the houses we pass. Some are bigger than others:

Alternate 2
Another doggie themed picture, from outside the Mercado Central:

Alternate 3
We have started going to the Mercado Central every weekend. The meat and fish on offer is better and cheaper than in the supermarket, and it is certainly much more interesting from a visual perspective. This child thought so too:

Alternate 4
The meat can be, shall we say, interesting to look at. We did not go for the sheep heads, though:

Alternate 5
Instead, we eat a lot of fish these days, and not just shrinkwrapped filets, but the real thing:

Alternate 6
Back home, we have a roof terrace that leads to my “tower”, or home office. I am usually there early in the morning while the family is still sleeping. When the sun rises over the sea, I can turn around and look at views like this:

Alternate 7
Last Sunday I took one of my now customary motorcycle rides, this time heading south along the coast. This was taken near Santa Pola, about 18 km south of Alicante:

Alternate 8
Near the same spot, a small seaside chapel. In the background is Gran Alacant, a ghetto of beach condos inhabited mainly by the British:

Alternate 9
Sometimes I stop for a pint of Guinness at O’Hara, a pub in the centre of Alicante, on my way home from work. On Tuesday afternoon, I sat at an outdoor table, set the camera on Live View, put in down on the table and just snapped at my leisure when I saw someone interesting walking by:

Alternate 10
Another image from the centre of town. A nightclub of dubious repute is either closing or opening, I am not quite sure:

Alternate 11
At our office, some people, like my co-worker Egle here, are lucky to have a desk with a view:

Alternate 12
Thursday was the first day of a 5-day Easter weekend. In the evening my son flew in from Bristol. We drove straight to our tapas place from the airport, so that we could feed our poor hungry boy:

Alternate 13
Finally, another scene from the same place. The image is not technically perfect, but I liked the way this couple interacted (or not):


  1. Alt7 is my favorite – you’ve got some great views!!!!!!

    Comment by Jez — 23 March 2008 @ 20:56

  2. I liked the meat an fish related photos, especially the one with the kid. It show some typical Spanish meat that is sliced from a large peace that looks like a leg. The dog related photos do more harm than good today, because we had to put our 15 years and 3 days old Cairn terrier to sleep today. We buried him in the nearby dunes where he loved to run around. He did have a good live with us and we did enjoy his company very much. We still have another 10 year old Cairn with us.

    You do have a lovely view over the countryside from your tower, wow!

    Comment by Wiliam Wagenaar — 24 March 2008 @ 16:21

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