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20 December 2009

Week 50: light, rain and señoritas

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During this week Spain was hit with a blast of arctic air from northern Europe. Much of the country has been hit by snow, ice, freezing temperatures and other wintry nastiness. No snow or freezing in Alicante, but it has been cold and rainy for much of the week.

Since Christmas is approaching, it is also the season for various parties and similar events.

The first image, however, is just from my back porch. I liked the light, colours and shadows provided by the setting sun:


Alternate 1
I went cycling that afternoon and did get some wind and rain. But I was also rewarded with this:

Alternate 2
On another day, I cycled to an area called Santa Faz, where there is a well-known monastery of the same name. This is the street alongside the convent:

Alternate 3
The day was sunny, so laundry was done:

Alternate 4
Gate with hole and chain. Not my usual style to photograph peeling paint, but sometimes I make an exception:

Alternate 5
Here are two of my Polish colleagues from the office, taken during a BBQ on Sunday afternoon. It was dry but cold:

Alternate 6
Here are three German colleagues, taken during our office Christmas party on Friday night:

Alternate 7
It was a very rainy evening:

Alternate 8
On evenings like this, I am glad I quit smoking earlier this year:

Alternate 9
Finally, a señorita in the supermarket, working the candy counter:

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  1. Interesting that the software of this site enters my name and e-mail in this form !!!

    I am intrigued by the film grain on the far wall in 50.jpg 🙂
    I especially like that one and the portrait of your two Polish colleagues.

    Comment by Brian Swale — 21 December 2009 @ 14:45

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