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27 October 2013

Week 43: beach, cycling and food porn

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A relatively short blog this week. For once, I had a full week at home in Alicante, but also a lot of work, so most of the pictures are from the weekends at the beginning and end of the week.

Sunday afternoon I went down to the beach to have a beer at one of the bars on the paseo. There was a large group of German bike tourists who had stopped to have a dip or just enjoy the beach. They were getting ready to leave when I came by–and saw this little intruder in their midst:

A solitary couple and their little dachshund. The dog was enjoying the beach tremendously, running around, digging holes, and going back to check on his people once in a while:

Autumn is more interesting from a photography point of view. There are often clouds in the morning (though hardly any rain so far), and the sunrise is later, so for people like me who go to work only around 9:30, it is nice that the sun is still low when I arrive at the office which has nice views of the sea:

Friday afternoon at the office. Monday morning we have an important meeting in the main conference room, and our assistant Tamara is preparing the agendas for the 80-100 participants:

Dog walk Saturday morning. This scene makes me think of the “Nature will find a way” quote from the film Jurassic Park, albeit in a much more benign context:

On Saturday afternoon I decided to make ajvar, a delicious vegetable spread from the Balkans. Basically, you roast some peppers, onions, chilis, garlic, onions and eggplant and then mash or blend the roasted veggies while adding salt, pepper and lemon juice. Here are the raw ingredients, ready for the oven:

45 minutes later. Ajvar is sometimes sold in the supermarkets here, but it is much more satisfying to make your own:

Saturday night, we went for dinner at an Argentine friend’s house, a decidedly non-veg experience. The Argentines sure know how to barbecue a slab of beef:

By a stroke of good luck, the slab of meat was actually shaped like its country of origin:

Sunday morning, I took Cheeta for a walk and fed the golf course cats along the way. This is one of my “customers”:

Later in the morning, I went on a long bicycle ride. Outside the town of Dolores there is an abandoned building that was supposed to be a car dealership. It has always fascinated me visually, and today I stopped and took a couple of pictures of it:


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  1. Well, this was a find. Ajvar has all of my favorite ingredients. My birthday dinner is always eggplant parmesan, with a nice Rhone and a little from my annual bottle of Lagavulin later. BTW try Saint Cosme 2012, a young, tough Rhone that is delicious and inexpensive.

    Comment by Ken Carney — 28 October 2013 @ 01:35

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