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22 October 2006

Week 42: Square AMS

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I love walking around cities in early morning. There is a special atmosphere, not too many cars intruding into the picture frame, and parking is free. So, whan I had a couple of hours to kill in Amsterdam last weekend, I took the opportunity to give my Hasselblad a workout. It is also an opportunity to do a different kind of photography from my normal routine. When I am out and about with my Canon DSLR, I am like a hunter. With the medium format film outfit, the photography is more contemplative, since you only have 12 images per roll.

So, the following 5 images were all taken in the centre of Amsterdam, with a Hasselblad 500CM, between 8 and 10 a.m.

(Hasselblad 500CM, 80mm lens, Kodak Tri-X)

(Hasselblad 500CM, 80mm lens, Kodak Tri-X)

(Hasselblad 500CM, 150mm lens, Kodak Tri-X)

(Hasselblad 500CM, 150mm lens, Fomapan 200)

(Hasselblad 500CM, 150mm lens, Fomapan 200)

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