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9 May 2007

Week 18: Rotterdam & Friesland

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Last weekend, Lars, my best friend from our high school days in Denmark, came to visit.

Before going to pick Lars up at Schiphol, I went to visit a place of quiet reflection, the monastery in Achel in Belgium:

The alternates

Alternate 1
A monk’s day starts early and is structured throughout:

Alternate 2
But the real reason I went to Achel was to prepare for my friend’s visit by stocking up on the excellent beer produced by the monks when they are not praying:

Alternate 3
On Saturday, we went to Rotterdam to explore the city on foot. We are both photographers. I prefer people, especially girls, whether short or tall:

Alternate 4
Rotterdam has a lot of striking architecture:

Alternate 5
More Rotterdam architecture. Allegedly, the floors and walls in these apartments are straight:

Alternate 6
Lars looking for a good view on one of Rotterdam’s many bridges:

Alternate 7
We kept walking around, photographing this and that:

Alternate 8
On Sunday, we decided to get out of the city and explore the Dutch countryside instead. We drove to Friesland, my favourite part of the Netherlands:

Alternate 9
Friesland exists mainly because of the many dikes, which also provide good vantage points:

Alternate 10
There are idyllic sights like this all over the place:

Alternate 11
A cyclist in the landscape:

Alternate 12
Finally, we drove home over the outermost dike in the Netherlands, the Afsluitdijk. In the meantime, the weather changed and our summery April came to an end:

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  1. The “cityscapes” demonstrate what a great eye you have- Love them, Roger

    Comment by vroger — 10 May 2007 @ 16:57

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