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28 August 2008

Week 34: roast

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Some more “slice of life” images from Alicante.

One of the pleasant things about Spanish cities is the amount of street life. Here we are, on a weekday evening, out walking our dog. On the streets near our house, children our playing, parents are talking to each other, everybody is enjoying the warm (but no longer hot) evening:

The alternates

Alternate 1
I took a day off mid-week, and we went to see an exhibition of Frank Hurley’s photographs of Shackleton’s Antrarctic expedition in 1914-1916. It was extremely impressive, both the photographs and the way the exhibition was set up. It is not apparent from this image, but the projection screen is actually made from a chunk of ice which is somehow kept from melting by the refrigation device underneath:

Alternate 2
On Friday on my way home from work, I stopped for a pint of Guiness at O’Hara’s Irish pub in the centre of town. I sat outside with my pint and just enjoyed the human traffic passing by on the main pedestrian street, the Esplanada de España. Of course, the tourists are still here, and so are the various street vendors aiming to liberate them from their money, like these African women who braid hair. The customers tend to be teenage girls from Northern Europe:

Alternate 3
Here, little brother is looking on, while the hairdresser senses that she is being photographed and does not appear completely happy about it:

The rest of the pictures are from Saturday.

Alternate 4
The day started with a glorious sunrise and sky:

Alternate 5
My 19-year old son, still home on vacation, wanted to cook a lamb roast for us. I bought him a cookbook called “Hard Up and Hungry” before he started university last year, and he actually has been using it. So later Saturday morning, we went to the Mercado Central to buy a nice leg of lamb. But first, we bought some proper Iberian ham for the appetizer:

Alternate 6
On the square behind the market, some little boys were kicking around a ball while their parents were shopping or drinking coffee in one of the outdoor bars:

Alternate 7
A would-be Fernando Torres:

Alternate 8
Late that afternoon, the roast is ready for action:

Alternate 9
Final adjustments while the roast is browning:

A couple of hours later, we sat down on our terrace to enjoy a meal prepared by our big boy, along with a bottle of 1997 Chateau Prieure-Lichine and with port and Stilton for dessert. Life was good.

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