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19 March 2013

Week 11: my neighbourhood

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This was a busy week with little time for photography. So, the only reason that I have any pictures at all is that I do not go anywhere without my camera, not even to walk the dog. Trying to find an interesting image in mundane circumstances is one of the great challenges of photography.

This is a newly-built house in our subdivision. They are still finishing the interior. On a day with some cloud, like this morning, it reminds me of a painting:

Walking the dog on a Sunday morning. The benches in this park are used by young people on Friday and Saturday nights to hang out. This time they had evidently “borrowed” a table from one of the nearby restaurants:

Perhaps 20 metres away I saw this pair of discarded panties on the ground–must have been a good party…:

One of the features of the crisis are the countless offers, on virtually every light pole or utility box, of services such as house cleaning, dog walking, gardening, and, as here, looking after the elderly. This one is unusually elaborate in terms of its graphic design:

A couple of pictures of our pets. My wife was serving dinner, and our dog was very excited. I attempted to catch her eye using the macro setting on my camera:

And here is our cat. Clearly, he needs to have his claws trimmed, a task only my wife is allowed to perform (by the cat) but has been neglecting lately:

It is artichoke season; they are plentiful, nice and cheap right now. So my wife made an artichoke paella one evening:

Last year, our office installed some big-ass solar cells on the grounds. If any place is suited for this, it is certainly Alicante. This is all part of a programme to reduce the carbon footprint of the agency:

Animal rights activists have been at it in the centre of Alicante. This one says, “don’t eat dead bodies”:

And this one, “bullfighter=murderer”, although perhaps the writer has some doubt?:

On Saturday I went to an Irish pub in the centre to watch the Wales-England Six Nations rugby match. Sadly, they had run out of Guinness, and this on the day before St Patrick’s Day, but they did have the match on, and it was a good one, at least if you supported Wales. And on the way out, I caught this scene:

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