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10 May 2010

Week 18: lunch and football

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Back to the quiet life in Alicante after the vacation in Denmark.

Picture taken while walking my dog. A young couple looks at a “for sale” sign. Are they dreaming, or is this the beginning of the end of the crisis? Probably the former:


Alternate 1
I know I am giving a misleading picture of life in our EU institution, but yes, we did have another lunchtime celebration at the office on Thursday:

Alternate 2
On Saturday, my wife and I had lunch at one of the modest restaurants nearby. It is the kind of place where workers go to eat during the week, and residents from the surrounding area on weekends. For €8, you get a three course meal and you can eat it in the sunshine:

Alternate 3
And if you are lucky, there will be sights like this at the neighbouring table. The woman explained that the kitten was 1 month old and that she was taking it along to places to get him used to being with people:

Alternate 4
On Sunday, we went to eat tapas at Lizarran. A big part of the motivation was to watch the next-to-last round of the Spanish league, hoping that the championship would go to Barcelona. Sadly, both Barcelona and Real Madrid won their games, so the league will be decided next weekend:

Alternate 5
Just because it is 11 pm on a Sunday does not mean that Spanish school children are at home in bed:

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  1. i thought you were on the giro colour ……….. but it quickly changed to the passions of the south.

    and, oh how sad you’ll both be to have to return to lizarran this week-end, braving the raging sun to get there!


    Comment by bruce — 13 May 2010 @ 13:05

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