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25 January 2007

Week 02: At home

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This week’s images have a couple of themes: they are all taken in the town where I live, and in three of them light and shadow are the main elements.

The main image is just a snap from home on one sunny morning, using an antique rocking horse my wife picked up at a flea market in Belgium a few years ago as the vehicle for picturing the morning sunlight:


The alternates

The next two pictures are from a walk with my dog. First, again light and shadow:
Alternate 1:

Someone disposed of their Christmas tree in a most un-Dutch, antisocial manner:
Alternate 2:

The next three are from the centre of Almere. It is a pretty non-descript town, only 30 years old, but already with more than 180 000 inhabitants. In a part of town called Almere Haven, there is an “art street”, with several galleries, arts supply shops etc. One gallery painted a pedestrian crossing across the canal, and put a dining table in the water. The town hall bureaucrats, being the killjoys they are, want the gallery to remove it.
Alternate 3:

Alternate 4:

The death of James Brown has apparently touched people in this Dutch town:
Alternate 5:

And finally, another “light” image, or rather reflections; also taken while walking my dog:
Alternate 6:

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