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19 November 2023

Week 44: last day in Denmark, then back to Alicante

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I started the week in Copenhagen and finished it in Alicante.

On Monday morning I took the train from Aarhus to Copenhagen. At the train station in Aarhus I stopped to have a look at this miniature railroad, which I enjoyed as a child 50 years ago, and which continues to delight successive generations of children. It looks the way I remember it, except that the coin slot has been replaced by a card/phone reader–Denmark is increasingly a cashless society:

I arrived in Copenhagen around noon, left my luggage at the hotel, and went for a walk in the centre. The weather was nice for once. This is the Dragon Fountain on Rådhuspladsen, the square in front of City Hall:

One of my favourite buildings on the city hall square is the Confederation of Danish Industry. I like the reflections on the glass:

On the opposite corner of the square is the headquarters of Denmark’s leading newspaper, Politiken:

I photograph dogs outside shops in Alicante, so why not in Copenhagen too:

Copenhagen, like Aarhus, is experiencing a building spree; the skyline of the city has probably changed as much in the past 20-30 years as it did during the reign of king Christian IV in the 17th century:

I was meeting a friend for lunch in a restaurant in the Fisketorvet shopping centre. It is not a place I visit often, but I enjoyed the closer view of the Cactus Tower apartment building next to the shopping centre, a building I have seen from the train on my occasions, but had never been close to it:

Marek is a longtime friend of our family; he and his wife Tamara helped my parents tremendously after their move to Copenhagen in the late 1980s, and I have kept in touch with them ever since. When I am in town, we always get together. This time Tamara was sick, so Marek and I had lunch at a restaurant:

In the evening, I was again in the centre, now enjoying the lights of the city:

Walking back to my hotel, I passed the Tivoli entrance with Halloween decoration. This was my last photo in Copenhagen this time around:

I woke up early Tuesday morning, packed, had breakfast at the hotel, and took the commuter train to the airport for my flight back to Alicante. Wednesday November 1st, All Saints Day, is a public holiday in Spain, so I would have a day to relax before going back to work on Thursday.

November 1st is also my birthday, but I have not celebrated it much since my father died on this day 19 years ago. No parties, just a day off and a dinner with my family. I did my usual bike ride, stopping at Verdegás to check on the cats. I was amused by this juxtaposition between the two cats and the “no dogs” sign in the background:

The two cats put on a nice show for me:


Back in the office, on Friday I enticed Eri to pose for me to help me test the Ilford Delta 400 film developed in the HR Developer. Even though the photos are a bit on the grainy side, she was really happy with the result and told me that she wants me to use that camera every time I photograph her (Leica M2):


On Friday evening, I stopped for a beer on the beach and experimented some more with the Leica M2 loaded with the Ilford 400 film:

More photos from the visit to Copenhagen are here.

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