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23 June 2010

Week 22: NYC to Alicante

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I began the week in New York, where I was spending the last weekend of my USA trip before heading home to Alicante Sunday night.

Sunday morning I was walking on Houston street, looking for a Whole Foods Market to buy vegan marshmallows for my daughter (yes, my quest was successful). I very much liked this sign outside a bar:


Alternate 1
Later in the day, I was walking past Times Square. I did not loiter there, as it is a terrorist-infested tourist trap, but the juxtaposition of these two adverts caught my eye:

Alternate 2
Keeping with the unfriendly reputation of NYC, there are no benches on the streets, and the city makes sure nobody sits on the hydrants either:

Alternate 3
Shouldn’t her psychic powers have corrected the spelling error?:

Alternate 4
A place of pilgrimage, the Dakota building on W 72nd Street where John Lennon lived and where he died, shot by a madman. There are no plaques or anything, but everyone knows the place and it is necessary to have the guard outside:

Alternate 5
By late Monday afternoon, I was back in Alicante, reunited with my family, including my Cheeta:

Alternate 6
Our part of Alicante has lots of benches, and much social life takes place on them:

Alternate 7
Due to the large number of English people living here, there are several English shops in the area, here in El Campello:

Alternate 8
This one is a bit further away, in Villajoyosa, but it has an excellent beer selection and a makeshift café outside. A customer and his dog are enjoying a mid-morning snack:

Alternate 9
Finally, this man came along to buy something. I have no idea where he was going to squeeze it in:

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  1. Nathan,
    Nice pictures BUT I don’t know what New York you were visiting. New York City has one of the lowest crime rates of any major city in the USA. Citizens also have a reputation for being helpful to those in need. The only terrorist in Times Square was a misguided Al Quida sympathizer who started a fire in a car filled with propane bottles. He was so incompetent that the car smoldered for a few minutes until it was noticed by a hot dog vendor who called the police. On major holidays and on New Years Eve, over a million people congregate in Times Square, usually without incident. True, there are few benches on the streets. Most New Yorkers are too busy to need benches. The “unfriendly” grating over the water connection is not put there by the city. In fact it isn’t a hydrant at all but the outlet to a standpipe owned by the building to which it is attached. It connects to a large water tank on the roof of the building and is intended to provide enough water pressure to reach the upper floors in the event of a fire. Otherwise, I’m glad you found New York a delightful city.

    Comment by Larry Z — 25 June 2010 @ 16:18

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